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Oct 14, 2014
We'd Like You to Meet Some Farmers
Just a story about a writer who met some Central Valley farmers. ... more

Oct 06, 2014
Will the Water Bond Deliver?
They lose over and over again to the NRDC, but think somehow this time they will win. ... more

Oct 03, 2014
The Water Bond and Klamath Dams
We should also mention, in case it's been forgotton, that the voters of Siskiyou County voted 80% to 20% in 2010 to keep the dams. ... more
California Water Crisis

Families Protecting the Valley (FPV) is committed to providing information about California’s water resources, California water policy and its impact on the farming community, jobs and the economy. FPV is a coalition of farmers, agriculture providers and community leaders in the San Joaquin Valley who find it vital to promote the necessary resources and government policies that will provide long-term agriculture jobs, a safe and reliable food and water supply, and economic security for farmers.

California’s water policy is about more than farmers. It’s about jobs, schools, families and our environment. The San Joaquin Valley is the #1 agriculture producing area in the country and has the unique ability to provide a safe and reliable food supply, which is essential to the California economy and long term security of the United States.

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Oct 20, 2014
Jerry Brown takes the long view on water

Oct 20, 2014
California Flood Preparedness Week

Oct 20, 2014
Could courts manage the Paso Robles groundwater basin effectively?

Oct 20, 2014
Central Valley Farmers Refuse to Give up Fight vs. High-Speed Rail

Oct 20, 2014
California Farmers: We Are Getting 'Much Less Water'

Oct 20, 2014
Merced supervisors to consider first draft of groundwater ordinance

Oct 20, 2014
As Their Wells Run Dry, California Residents Blame Thirsty Farms

Oct 19, 2014
Battle lines drawn over state water bond

Oct 19, 2014
Trees vs. humans: In California drought, nature gets to water first

Oct 19, 2014
State water board tinkering with rations idea; cites lack of conservation

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Oct 18, 2014
HSR Keeps Trucking
Now it’s nothing but clear tracks ahead. If they don’t have the money – they’ll just take more from you. ... more

Oct 17, 2014
Doubts About Temperance Flat
I will be 100% for this project the absolute instant that taxpayers have at their disposal a credible, independent cost/benefit analysis ... more

Oct 16, 2014
L.A. to Cut Water Use 50%
There is this big pool of water called the Pacific Ocean right next to LA. How about a desalination plant or two? ... more
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