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Oct 05, 2015
Governor Blows Off Farmers!
The Governor should climb down from his Ivory Tower and visit some real people in Central California ... more

Sep 29, 2015
FPV Board Members to Speak at Water Rally
“We are not going to conserve our way out of this drought so we need to make finding real solutions a priority by calling a special session now.” ... more

Sep 24, 2015
Tips for Travel to Spain
Even enthusiastic Spanish officials are curious about the logic of starting in the sparsely populated Central Valley. ... more
California Water Crisis

Families Protecting the Valley (FPV) is committed to providing information about California's water resources, California water policy and its impact on the farming community, jobs and the economy. FPV is a coalition of farmers, agriculture providers and community leaders in the San Joaquin Valley who find it vital to promote the necessary resources and government policies that will provide long-term agriculture jobs, a safe and reliable food and water supply, and economic security for farmers.

California's water policy is about more than farmers. It's about jobs, schools, families and our environment. The San Joaquin Valley is the #1 agriculture producing area in the country and has the unique ability to provide a safe and reliable food supply, which is essential to the California economy and long term security of the United States.

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California Water News

Oct 06, 2015
Clovis council rescinds water fines on customers

Oct 06, 2015
Fort Bragg orders restaurants to use disposable plates, cups

Oct 06, 2015
Biological opinion process slows Oroville Dam facilities relicensing process

Oct 06, 2015
California water wars heat up over $15 billion tunnel plan

Oct 06, 2015
Comments urged on twin tunnels plan at rally

Oct 06, 2015
Delta water tunnels spark protest

Oct 05, 2015
Senate panel to debate long-awaited drought measures

Oct 05, 2015
Dust and desperation: How the drought is hurting health

Oct 04, 2015
The Banana Republic of California

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Oct 06, 2015
Ft. Bragg Paper Plates
Doesn't it take more water to produce disposable dishware than to wash and reuse dishes? ... more

Sep 03, 2015
'Flooding Fields' Article
I spent hours with this "reporter" and her team explaining the regulatory impacts on surface water deliveries - they didn't even include my interview." ... more

Sep 02, 2015
Almonds As Poster Child
There would be plenty of water if we collected storm runoff intelligently and treated it as a resource instead of a nuisance. ... more

Aug 25, 2015
Dead Lawns Don't Help
Taking shorter showers and letting lawns die will have very little impact on the problem. ... more

Aug 21, 2015
Tearing Down the Dam
From a permitting perspective repairing an existing dam is expensive but possible. Building a new dam is virtually impossible. ... more

Aug 19, 2015
DiFi and Science
The easiest way of creating "advocacy science" that is actually a form of fraudulent science is to leave out a primary variable ... more

Aug 17, 2015
Climate Predictions
If you want to know why people pretend to be able to predict the future of climate conditions, just see what they are getting in return. ... more

Aug 16, 2015
49% to the Ocean
It's time to reprioritize spending on critical infrastructure rather than vanity ("bullet train") and social engineering nonsense ... more

Aug 16, 2015
Crisis Mentality
Building more water storage facilities and capacity would only lead to a lessening of the crisis mentality that works wonders for the state centers of power ... more
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