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Aug 29, 2014
Turn On The Pumps To Save The Smelt!
The pumps "created the perfect spawning grounds for Delta Smelt." When they turned off the pumps, they turned off the hatchery. ... more

Aug 27, 2014
Water: Paying, But Not Getting
Never mind that Santa Barbara had already paid its $60 million for its 2014 annual share. ... more

Aug 25, 2014
Everything's Great!
The political class has done nothing about our unfunded liabilities, the high-speed rail remains unpopular, and the twin tunnels is hated by much of Northern California. ... more
California Water Crisis

Families Protecting the Valley (FPV) is committed to providing information about California’s water resources, California water policy and its impact on the farming community, jobs and the economy. FPV is a coalition of farmers, agriculture providers and community leaders in the San Joaquin Valley who find it vital to promote the necessary resources and government policies that will provide long-term agriculture jobs, a safe and reliable food and water supply, and economic security for farmers.

California’s water policy is about more than farmers. It’s about jobs, schools, families and our environment. The San Joaquin Valley is the #1 agriculture producing area in the country and has the unique ability to provide a safe and reliable food supply, which is essential to the California economy and long term security of the United States.

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Aug 29, 2014
BDCP on life support says environmental group

Aug 29, 2014
Bill package to protect groundwater supplies passes California Assembly

Aug 29, 2014
California Assembly passes historic groundwater legislation

Aug 29, 2014
Siskiyou County seeks high court review of groundwater decision

Aug 29, 2014
California's Underground Water War

Aug 28, 2014
California seeks to take farm water rights

Aug 28, 2014
Drought looms over California House race

Aug 28, 2014
Only one-quarter of the state’s 515 groundwater basins are covered under the rules.

Aug 28, 2014
State legislators on the Senate passage of groundwater legislation

Aug 28, 2014
Stanislaus County farmers agree to pay for groundwater study to settle environmental lawsuit

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Aug 29, 2014
Water Bill Questions
Since the City Council rescinded the increase, does that mean we get that extra rate increase back that they charged us? ... more

Aug 21, 2014
Public records on groundwater
Proposed groundwater management legislation as written elevates the unfounded privacy concerns of the few to the detriment of the many. ... more

Aug 21, 2014
The issue is surface water
If the farmers can't use delta water and new regulations prevent them from pumping the minimum water needed to keep their crops alive, they will simply fold up and go away ... more
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