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Jan 26, 2015
"The only reason we can come up with to dink around for two years is to come up with excuses to not build reservoirs." ... more

Jan 20, 2015
Back to the 40's
The San Joaquin River Settlement is one of the policy decisions that has to be fixed if our valley is ever going to get back to the business of ag. ... more

Jan 16, 2015
Costa's Disappointment
But, the fact of the matter is that the court's not the problem. The problem is the law. ... more
California Water Crisis

Families Protecting the Valley (FPV) is committed to providing information about California's water resources, California water policy and its impact on the farming community, jobs and the economy. FPV is a coalition of farmers, agriculture providers and community leaders in the San Joaquin Valley who find it vital to promote the necessary resources and government policies that will provide long-term agriculture jobs, a safe and reliable food and water supply, and economic security for farmers.

California's water policy is about more than farmers. It's about jobs, schools, families and our environment. The San Joaquin Valley is the #1 agriculture producing area in the country and has the unique ability to provide a safe and reliable food supply, which is essential to the California economy and long term security of the United States.

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California Water News

Jan 26, 2015
Environmentalists cry foul over fish decision

Jan 26, 2015
California poised to see driest January on record

Jan 26, 2015
Michael Anderson, State Climatologist: Climate, Drought, and Change

Jan 25, 2015
Another View: Debate about high-speed rail should be based on facts

Jan 25, 2015
Editorial: We must challenge state’s water grab

Jan 25, 2015
Drought law: Congress proposals could destroy San Francisco estuary and many species

Jan 25, 2015
Sites Reservoir in a waiting game

Jan 24, 2015
‘Ridiculous Ridge’ May Be Back to Prolong California Drought

Jan 24, 2015
Bureau of Reclamation Outlines Water Year 2015

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Dec 27, 2014
Water Goes to the Ocean
And the only plan is to offer buckets so we can catch the water? ... more

Dec 26, 2014
Labor and the Drought
The era of cheap food is over. ... more

Dec 19, 2014
Pumps dumped from BDCP
How many small family farmers do you know that can stay profitable when water approaches $800 an acre foot or more? Not just for a year or two. Forever. ... more

Dec 18, 2014
Definition of a Drought
A drought by definition starts after two below normal rain years. ... more

Nov 22, 2014
EPA Food Waste Campaign
The population of the USA is 316 million people. 34 million pounds of food amounts to about one tenth of a pound of food per person per year, or less than 2 oz. of food per person per year. ... more

Nov 20, 2014
We Need a Water Plan
The whole west better work together as a region on water supply or it will be water wars between the states ... more

Nov 20, 2014
Big Pistachio
"Paramount Farms International predicts U.S. commercial pistachio production could reach the 1-billion-pound milestone between 2018 to 2020." ... more

Nov 19, 2014
Wasting Water
Always a good way to promote a friendly and safe neighborhood, NARK on each other. ... more

Nov 14, 2014
Paying for the Tunnels
How many small family farmers out there can afford to pay three times as much per acre foot of water? ... more
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