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There's a Sucker Born Every Day!

"It is in my estimation, the most dangerous decision for the Inland Empire that could ever come down from a court"

Oct 26, 2012

Does the Endangered Species Act protect disappearing species or does it expand land-use control? We would say the ESA is a tool used in the strategy of environmentalists to stop growth. The story below of the Santa Ana Sucker is one version of this strategy. We've seen it here in the Central Valley with hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland fallowed because of the Delta Smelt. Loggers saw their livelihood throttled by the spotted owl. Whenever anyone wants to build a dam they can always find an endangered bug or fish or snail that needs the habitat more than the people.

According to the latest estimates there are well over 5,000 species of officially endangered or threatened animals and birds on the planet. There are thousands more on the waiting list. The ESA has been called by some the single most powerful law ever passed. It can lock up public or private lands and stop government and private projects.

The story below regarding the Sucker's journey through the courts shows us how it can impact people's lives. Here are a couple of quotes from the story:

"It is in my estimation, the most dangerous decision for the Inland Empire that could ever come down from a court," said economist John Husing of Redlands-based Economics and Politics, Inc.

Paul Granillo, CEO of the Inland Empire Economic Partnership: "It basically affects the ability of the Inland Empire to grow and it's going to be a major detriment to business of the Inland Empire and the people of the Inland Empire."

We have said before and we will say it again that this country is being mostly run by unelected bureaucrats who take the laws passed by elected officials into their various agencies and determine the policy needed to enforce them. In the case of the Delta Smelt the bureaucrats determined that the pumps needed to be shut down to protect it. Nothing in the law says anything about the pumps. In the case of the Santa Ana Sucker we might well ask: who's the sucker this time?

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