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Feb 11, 2016
Lucy Again
If the mismanagement of water in California concerns you there are three things you can do

Feb 11, 2016
React to Feinstein Bill
Unfortunately, without meaningful legislation enacted into law, the people of California are likely to endure an uncertain winter season of floods, property damage, and storm water flowing out to the ocean

Feb 09, 2016
Record Sales
You want your food coming from China so does Jerry Brown he has tried everything in his power to make our land useless

Feb 08, 2016
Lost Water
The citizens of CA deserve to know that an amount of water greater than the surpluses gained by conserving every in 2015, has been discarded to the sea in a matter of weeks.

Feb 04, 2016
Victor Davis Hanson
I'm so thankful that Victor Davis Hanson continually shines a light on this very important subject.

Feb 03, 2016
Erin Brockovich
According to the bio she has 3 honorary degrees, but no education beyond an AA degree in art, working at Wal-Mart

Feb 03, 2016
Follow the Money
The only infrastructure they are concerned about is the infrastructure of their NON-working benefits.

Feb 02, 2016
Water Out to Sea
Is there any chance that they are going to admit that the smelt is history?

Feb 02, 2016
Cutting Water Use
If urban use cuts 25%, a whole 2.5% of the state's use is reduced. Ludicrous on its face.

Feb 02, 2016
Salmon in Trouble
Isn't there some tax increase or more regulations they can pass to fix that?

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